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Album release day in the US!!

Yes…the day has come. CDs will hit the shelves very soon but digital is LIVE TODAY!! All platforms are GO: – I don’t reach the other side of the Atlantic for another 2 weeks but “I died of boredom & came back as me” has touched down… đŸ˜‰

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Welcome… to headquarters, to centre-point. After years of keeping my activities separate with one site for music and another for stories (long & short) I decided to just slam everything together: writing past & present, current music projects and those in the pipeline, photos, videos and more or less anything else that inspires me to […]

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Latest Release

Barton Hartshorn

I died of boredom & came back as me

Written and recorded between Australia, France and the UK, these songs have been lovingly mixed (by Philippe Avril at the mythical Ferber Studios in Paris), mastered (by Jim Demain at the equally mythical Yesmaster studios in Nashville USA) and finally painstakingly etched onto vinyl at ParĂ©lie Paris (what a beautifully crazy process…) We humbly present […]

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