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My first album. That’s me on the sleeve running away from the place I grew up in and was named after by ill-advised parents. I was in my ukulele phase but don’t let that put you off. There’s a beautiful string trio, a brass section, some thumping drums, drifty piano and solid bass all played beautifully by the wonderful musicians I’m fortunate enough to hang around with. Thirteen tracks of folk-pop steeped in the english countryside. It would seem I couldn’t entirely run away from that…

Recorded in an old wooden lined theatre in the Paris suburbs over 2 hot summer weeks by:

Barton Hartshorn – Lead vocals, Ukulele, Piano & keys, Guitar, Bass, Drums & Percussion.
Adele Parker – Vocals and backing vocals.
Vincent Guibert – Bass on A plague of UFOs upon you, Safe from your danger,
Hello Mr Moon, I am collapse & The Outer sound. Also Fender Rhodes on
A plague of UFOs upon you & keys on Hello Mr Moon.
Karim Benaziza – Drums on Hello Mr Moon.
Julien Guy – Banjo on Hegira.
Mathias Schubert – Organ on Hegira.
Nietzche Cave – Piano on Could it be true?
Xavier Lapeyroux – Double bass on Brought up in the letdown.
David Lewis – Trumpet and Horn. Also organ on The Outer sound.
Bobby Rangell – Saxophone and flute.
Noémie Poumet – 1st Violin.
Laure Boissinot – 2nd Violin.
Celia Boudot – Cello.
Mimi Sunnerstam – Cello on I am collapse.

String and Brass arrangements by Guy Folligrey.

Recorded and mixed at Headquarters by Barton Hartshorn.
Additional recording done at Le Poisson Barbu by Léonard Mule
& Musicopré by Thomas Demarle.

Mastered at Translab Paris by Benjamin Joubert.

All songs by Barton Hartshorn except:
Safe from your Danger – B.Hartshorn/V.Guibert/K.Benaziza

Artwork Photography by Steve Roberts
Available on all digital platforms
& on custom USB key with additional content at BANDCAMP

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Barton Hartshorn