USA – 29/06/19 – Chicago

Like a reward for getting this far across America I’ve been gifted an extra hour. Somewhere between Dayton and Chicago I crossed a timeline. Unfortunately before I get too excited about what I can do with it I’ll have to hand it back again. Tomorrow I head back east towards Detroit and my last date on this tour. My phone stubbornly refuses to acknowledge the time change as though it’s decided that a gift you have to give back the next day is not worth acknowledging in the first place. It’s also decided that the only podcast I’m allowed to listen to whilst driving is one on British medieval history. Any time I select something else it flicks back to 10th century Britain minutes later. Maybe it’s like pop-up ads on Amazon, it thinks it’s figured out what I like: British guy must want British things. I’ve given in and am rapidly becoming an expert on Viking raids and people called Athelstan and Wolfred. It reminds me of a time I rented a car and there was a Tina Turner CD stuck in the player. Better just go with it…
I’ve just used my last 20 dollars cash putting gas in the car and I’m now wondering if I can technically be arrested for vagrancy. My bank card is being as temperamental as my phone and refuses my pin twice before accepting the 3rd attempt as though it finally realises “Oh it really is you…you a long way from home boy!”
Played a gig at Uncommon ground in Chicago last night and just had time to grab a coffee downtown and marvel at the city on the lake’s edge. Magnificent…and I feel bad about leaving before getting a feel for what looks and feels like a great place to hang out for a while, but I really do have to go.
Five hours later my first view of Detroit in the distance is accompanied by yet more medieval tales. In case you’re wondering…Eric Bloodaxe has just married a witch and king Edgar has run off with a nun. This stuff is better than coffee…
Barton H

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