Barton Hartshorn


A music and song cycle to accompany the novel ‘Necessary to life’ by Louisa Leontiades.

Twelvemonth was arranged, produced, mixed and played by Barton Hartshorn with the extraordinary talents of:

Julien Silvand – Trumpet
Melissa Cox – Viola
Adéle Parker – Vocals
Kevin Kretsch – Lead guitar

All music and lyrics by Barton Hartshorn. Except “Out of my Reach” – B.Hartshorn/J.Guy
Copyright Spozzle & Suxeed 2017

Recorded at Spozzle studios Paris France
Mastered by Jean Sebastien Guibert – Phase mastering France

Tree & Crows Artwork by André Volckaert

Available on all digital platforms.
CD available at BANDCAMP

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